VetLaunch can not operate with out the support of donors. We are focused on providing resources, guidance, and assistance to Veterans to help them make a positive transition from military to civilian life.

VetLaunch was founded by Robert Armbruster, a Veteran that experienced the same challenges our Veterans are faced with today. Robert’s military experience gave him the confidence to accept the challenge of starting numerous businesses. Our Veterans have made sacrifices and have fought through battles on foreign soil. Upon returning home, they are experiencing a different type of battle. Through VetLaunch, Robert is devoted to helping Veterans succeed with their post-military life.

We need your help to make this happen, and we welcome donations of any level. Your support will help Veterans start a business, obtain job training, and transition into civilian life. Your donation can even help a Veteran end their battle with homelessness. If you are interested in making a donation please fill out the form on this page and someone from VetLaunch will be in touch with you shortly.

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